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The concept of “Proper English” is prescriptivist, racist, ethnocentric, classist and ableist as shit

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"I knew that Derek and Stiles were just magic." —Jeff Davis [x]


"When you see certain things working, you write towards them, and we definitely did that. We actually started out, in the writer’s room, with a heading that said "great pairings", and at the top of that was Derek and Stiles." —Jeff Davis [x]


"They would’ve gone bonkers for the scene that I had originally planned. You can print this. The idea was Stiles paralyzed on top of Derek, and Stiles says to Derek, ‘Wait a minute! I can still move my tongue.’ So the scene would have been Stiles pushing his tongue against Derek’s face, trying to get himself off using just his tongue." 

"Eventually, the tongue ends up in Derek’s ear and Derek’s saying, ‘Stop! Just stop. Just stop.’ Dylan loved the idea when I pitched it to him." —Jeff Davis [x]


"What can I say, I’m a fan of great TV…and a Sterek pairing would be legendary. Ps. I’m working on my fanfic as we speak." —Greg Berlanti (co-creator and writer of CW’s “Arrow”) [x]


"Well, they do have undeniable chemistry." —Jeff Davis [x]


"I’m a Sterek fan. It’s just too great not to be." —Holland Roden [x]


"The Derek and Stiles relationship, to me, is one of my favorites on the show to play, just because it is such a contrast in their characters. I mean, they are the complete opposites. So I think anytime you have those kinds of characters interacting with each other, it’s always a really fun thing to explore. I know that every time I see a script with a Derek and Stiles moment, we always get excited about whatever day we’re going to be shooting that.” —Tyler Hoechlin [x]


"Dude, that ship sails itself. Don’t need my help!" —Adelaide Kane (when asked if she ships Sterek). [x]


"Sterek is eternal." —Max Carver [x]


"I do. I want them to get together." —Daniel Sharman (about Sterek) [x]


"They’re like Ross and Rachel. They end up together."—Holland Roden [x]


"There are a lot of scenes between Derek and Stiles that I find utterly amazing. Cause they do have a really great relationship." —Crystal Reed [x]


"Since the beginning, it’s always been the same with them. Like, they’ve been brought together just by the circumstances that they’ve fallen into. But I think over the course of season one, they’ve grown to care about each other." —Dylan o’Brien [x]


"Derek and Stiles have a lot of fun together. I think you guys all can see the dynamic." —Tyler Hoechlin [x]


"Dylan and I have gone to Jeff with an idea for a scene, and I don’t wanna say what it is, because it might still be used hopefully. Cause I really do think that it would be a really fun scene. And it’s a really great, touching scene." —Tyler Hoechlin [x]


"But I had an idea for Jeff, that when we do finally meet, and if it’s a scene that’s very expositional—like if we come together and something’s going on, and we have to converge and discuss something—then we should kind of stop at the end of it and before we walk away, Stiles should just say, ‘I missed you’.”—Dylan o’Brien [x]


"What’s misunderstood [among these fans] is that Tyler and I don’t like it or something, but that’s not true." —Dylan o’brien (about Sterek) [x]


"I think the Stiles and Derek relationship, in the same way that Derek has come to trust Scott a little more, I think Derek has come to giving Stiles a little bit more credit for what he’s been able to contribute, all of the things that they’ve gone through, and how instrumental he’s been. You’ll probably see a lot more concern from Derek than you would have in the first two or three seasons where he would have been like, ‘Just kill him…because I don’t like him anyway…and it’s an easy reason to get him out of here.’ I think you’ll actually see a little bit more concern and care from Derek." —Tyler Hoechlin [x]


"Not only am I surprised by the popularity of Sterek, but I have to say i’m overwhelmed by the tenacity and passion that it obviously required to win." —Jeff Davis (after Sterek won The Backlot’s first Slash-ship tournament) [x]


"Teen Wolf fans, in general, are superfans. But the Stereks are no doubt the Alphas of the fandom." —Jeff Davis [x]


"Sterek all the way." —Dylan o’Brien [x]

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mom please can I have 50,000 dollars and a popsicle

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Sterek WeekFriday: Sterek AU

Stiles finds a puppy in the woods. Actually, maybe a cub is a little more precise? Whatever. It’s not like he needs to tell anybody he found an actual wolf cub. They would totally take it from him and Stiles is not going to let them take his little buddy. Nope. Not a chance. (He might beg Scott long enough for giving his ‘pup’ necessary shots by himself without Deaton’s supervision, and creating a false card about Stiles’ cub being a puppy. Street mix or something. He’s an amazing best friend like that.) 

The only annoying thing about all of it is, Derek isn’t pleased and he shows it loud and clear.

"Stiles you can’t live with a wolf!"

"Why the hell not? I can train him. It’s like a dog and it’s still hell of a safer than werewolves. It definitely bites less than you do- Ouch! Hey!"

But it’s not like Derek can actually talk into Stiles’ life. (He tries, but that damn kid is so stubborn.)

So Stiles gets to keep that hyperactive ball with shinning blue eyes and thick black fur.

"I bet you would look like that, if you could turn into a real wolf. Whaddaya think, Scotty? Cute and fluff- Ouch! Hey!"

And because he’s sick fuck, who thinks he’s funny, he names it Happy.

"Come on, Sourwolf, he IS happy. All the time. It’s perfect! Also, you complete each other- Ouch! Hey! Stop hitting me!"

And he loves it, and adores it, and Derek watches from afar, how Stiles coos over it, even if it gives him hard time with its inability to go on the newspaper, when it needs to. Stiles is so committed to that thing, he’s sometimes dead tired because he’s been awake most of the night, playing with it and training it and doing everything to make it even more happy.

But the thing is, it’s Stiles, who is happy. It’s kind of irony, really. But Derek can’t not see how Stiles slowly changes from the neurotic pile of nerves into normal healthy teenager, which he should have been in the first place. So he shut’s up. And when he first time comes into Stiles laughing with his whole body, because of that furry thing, he just stops, mesmerized, and wishes, he could see that all the time. It seem so right. Stiles never laughed like that before. Never smelled like happines and content. So maybe Derek decides to give that little furry ball of energy a chance. If it makes Stiles this happy, how could Derek want to take it from him? 

So he stop growl at it every time he sees it. And there is that one time, when he actually pets Happy, when nobody is looking. (Or he thinks so. Stiles stays quiet, before retreating back into the kitchen with warm smile on his face.) And maybe he sometimes goes on a walk with Stiles and Happy. And takes it in for a weekend, when Stiles needs to take care of his grandma few towns over and can’t take Happy with him. 

And maybe Derek likes those mornings, when he can take Happy for a run, because Stiles is dead to the world, because he did research until dawn. 

And maybe Derek can’t see those looks Stiles gives him every time he catches Derek’s wide smile, while werewolf whispers things to his furry distant relative while petting him behind his ears. 

Because it’s not like Stiles can fell his heart clench on that sight. Or Derek can’t sleep if Stiles’ scent isn’t strong enough in his loft, because he didn’t swing by with Happy after their walk. 

And only maybe it’s Happy, who totally ruins their first kiss by licking their faces vigorously. Making them groan and laugh.

But that’s okay, they have the second, and the third, and all those after.

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won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth

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oh how the turntables [ x ]

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Peter Capaldi, photograph by Jason Alden

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Better You

I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.

Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.


more masterposts

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Yh I’m creeped out by how Ariana Grande is sexualised and also made to look like a child simultaneously. Whoever is marketing her needs to stop it.

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